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Aloe Ecell's Mangnify Field Trials
Field Trials in Manganese-Deficient Regions
Showcase Yield Growth and Visible Changes
in Wheat Crops

Introduction: In October 2022, Aloe Ecell initiated field trials of its

innovative Mangnify fertilizer, Asia's first liquid micronutrient foliar

fertilizer made from recycled batteries. The trials aimed to assess the

performance of Mangnify on wheat crops in northern India, where 42%

of soils are deficient in manganese, a crucial micronutrient for plant growth. This article highlights the objectives, methodology, and results of these field trials, focusing on the 30% yield growth and visible changes observed in wheat crops treated with Mangnify.

Objective: The primary goal of the October 2022 field trials was to evaluate Mangnify fertilizer's effectiveness in boosting wheat yield and improving plant health in manganese-deficient regions of northern India, compared to conventional fertilizers.

Methodology: The field trials were conducted at multiple locations in northern India, where soils are known to be deficient in manganese. Researchers implemented a systematic approach, including side-by-side comparisons with conventional fertilizers, monitoring crop growth, yield, and assessing soil health throughout the wheat-growing season.

Results: The October 2022 field trials demonstrated remarkable results, with wheat crops treated with Mangnify fertilizer exhibiting a 30% increase in yield compared to those treated with conventional fertilizers. Visible changes were observed in the Mangnify-treated crops, such as healthier plant color, increased tillering, and more robust root systems, indicating improved nutrient uptake and overall plant health.

The enhanced manganese content in the Mangnify fertilizer directly addressed the deficiency in the region's soils, leading to better photosynthesis, respiration, and nitrogen metabolism in the treated wheat crops. Soil analysis also revealed improved nutrient content, increased water retention, and enhanced carbon sequestration in the plots treated with Mangnify.

Environmental Impact: Mangnify fertilizer supports a circular economy by utilizing recycled battery materials, reducing the need for virgin mine exploitation. Its carbon-negative nature contributes to climate change mitigation by minimizing greenhouse gas emissions and promoting carbon sequestration in the soil.

Conclusion: The field trials of Aloe Ecell's Mangnify fertilizer, commenced in October 2022, showcase its potential as an effective solution for addressing manganese deficiency in Indian soils and boosting wheat yield. The observed 30% yield growth and visible changes in wheat crops treated with Mangnify highlight the importance of embracing sustainable agricultural practices and the role that innovative solutions can play in promoting a greener future and enhancing food security.

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